It’s Not You, It’s Me

Some trainers complain about how clients treat them: frequent cancellations, late payments, poor attitude during sessions, tardiness and inappropriate behavior. The solution lies in taking the focus off the clients. And although it can be tricky, evaluate how you are teaching them to treat you. First, let’s see what the clients see: Arriving late? The […]

Father’s Day Gift

My father is no longer with me. Losing a battle with lung cancer in 2006, I have spent the past ten years and life milestones with out him. Despite his absence, he continues to help me as a person and as a professional. I am terribly grateful. And, maybe there is something we can all […]

It’s Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to every #momtreprenuer out there bringing her ideas to her industry and raising healthy, happy children! We are many. We are strong. We are making a powerful difference. And, our utmost thanks to the generation of mothers before us that told us we can achieve anything we set our minds too! [Even […]

He said. She said.

I love men. Truly. Some of the best relationships of my life have been with men. But, as a business owner, women have always been my passion. My thirteen years as a fitness professional and twelve years as a small business owner exposed me to the truth: women’s and independent training professionals needs are largely […]

See Jake and Jane Train attends Ted X

Honored to support our friend and colleague, Stacey Hanke as moderator for the TedX at the University of Chicago this weekend. She was wonderful (no surprise) and the speakers were each terribly engaging and compelling. Here’s a quick recap: Making the maker movement accessible to ALL of our children. Powerful, meaningful work by Rabiah Mayas What […]

What are you investing in?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” –Benjamin Franklin Good luck to all of our April Nine Week Turnaround clients beginning their program today! We are elated you have decided to make these powerful changes to your career with our online course. Reach out anytime for feedback or questions. We are happy to be […]


10 DAYS LEFT! Sign up for the next launch of the Nine Week Turnaround. What’s a Nine Week Turnaround, you say? Our nine week online course chocked full of brilliant ideas, done for you materials, expert video interviews, meditations and worksheets that solve your business headaches in a systemized, thoughtful fashion. Move from burnout and […]


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