Sexual Harassment Help

Carol Semrad of C. Semrad and Associates , featured on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight“, shares her professional insight on sexual harassment for our fit pros navigating this challenging topic. Tune into this audio interview with Michelle Blakely of  See Jake and Jane Train  for her expert advice. Michelle Blakely (MB):          It is an honor to speak with Carol Semrad today, owner […]

Female Trainers: Working in a Male Dominated Industry

There is an understanding among my veteran female colleagues that personal training, studio ownership, presenters at industry events and in strength and conditioning is primarily a male dominated field. I definitely feel like I’m sticking my neck out by starting this conversation, but I’m passionate about empowering women. (I love men too of course, but […]

May I Have This Dance? (gym etiquette solution)

I recently went Salsa dancing for a girlfriend’s birthday. We had a blast. (If you’re looking for a great spot on Wednesday evenings in Chicago – email me.) Surprisingly, this dancing experience unearthed a helpful tip for trainers. Gym etiquette is still a struggle in most places. As independent trainers and boutique studio owners, we […]