"Anything that you have to get ready for or you have to plan for with your business, See Jake and Jane Train Nine Week Turnaround sets it up for you. It pretty much puts it there on a silver platter, and says these are the things that you need to do in order to get from A to B. I think it’s great. It was a very quick turnaround on my investment. I don’t really think there’s any other program right now that parallels."


Amanda P.
Owner, Redefine Health and Fitness, Inc.

"The See Jake and Jane Train system helps build a consistent cash flow for any size fitness business!"


Carsten B.
25 year veteran, Owner, FitPro West, Inc.

"I would definitely recommend the course. And as far as return on investment, the course kind of paid for itself within the first month. I feel a lot more comfortable charging a higher rate."


Lauren C.
Owner, Authentic Wellness, Inc.

"I am Jutta Keenan and I have owned my Personal Training company since 2006. I enjoy what I do, have a good income and a full and loyal client book.

However, I have had the desire to evolve my business for a while, but did not know where to start. My good intentions were often lost in getting through the week.

Eventually, “good enough” was no longer satisfying and I longed for community, dialogue and a structured way of looking at my current operations in order to tune-up and perhaps make some changes.

See Jake & Jane Train has given me exactly that: a well-paced way of looking at all aspects of my business, along with the right tools to advance toward my goals.

Being part of the “Nine-Week Turnaround” connects me to a bigger community, and keeps me on track and into action.

The program has been so valuable to me, even though I have operated my business for a decade now. I get confirmation on the good things and habits I already have in place, clear instruction on how to tweak and tune-up, and also a lot of inspiration for where I want to go.

I am so grateful to Michelle Blakely and her vision for our profession and dedication to making us and our industry better."


Jutta Keenan NSCA-PT
Personal Training & Wellness Co.

"When I first started personal training on my own, it took me a few years to learn how to efficiently organize my business in a way that fit my style of training and helped me with client retention. I met with several people who gave me advice on where to train, how to market myself, set up a schedule, and how to best manage my books. It took a lot of time and many forms of trial and error. I am beyond excited to see a program come out that does all of this for you in one easy program! Had I had something like See Jake & Jane Train when I started, it would have saved me an incredible amount of time and money. I highly recommend Michelle Blakely's See Jake & Jane Train program!"


Lisa Payne

Owner, Lisa Payne Fitness

"As a client of Michelle's for the 12 months leading up to my wedding, not only can I say that she truly knows her stuff when it comes to shaping a woman's body in a safe yet challenging way that delivers results, but she also runs her business extremely well.  I've heard horror stories from friends who have worked with trainers who understood fitness, but just didn't have a good handle on what goes into running a business.  This resulted in last minute cancellations, scheduling disasters, and a clunky payment process. Working with a trainer who not only gets fitness, but is also organized, efficient with their time (and mine!), has a smooth payment process, and timely quarterly client reviews to go over results makes for a much happier experience that is more likely to keep me coming back. I can see that a lot of trainers who are looking to build a business could really benefit from Michelle's expertise in this area!"


Katie Risch
Blakely FIT Client, Senior Vice President, Publisher Development at Centro

"As the NSCA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator, I have worked with Michelle as a presenter for repeat clinics now and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is committed to the success of independent trainers. Her presentations are well-reviewed and full of high quality content for trainers in need of business help. Michelle is sincerely concerned about solutions to common trainer headaches, ethical behavior in training and the specific challenges and opportunities for female fitness professionals. She is an asset to our field and leader worth following.”


Chris Powell, NSCA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator

James Di Naso MS,CSCS,CPT
NSCA IL State Director

"Michelle has presented at our Illinois State Clinics on such topics as ethical behavior and best fitness business practices. She is always professional, knowledgeable and committed to helping elevate our industry. I appreciate her willingness to address often ignored issues important to independent business professionals. I highly endorse Michelle and value her opinion and insight on a wide range of fitness related topics.”

"Michelle is exceptional at what she does. It is rare to find a fitness professional who excels not only at the fitness part of her work but at the professional part, as well - but Michelle does that and more. She will spend time getting to know you and your history, to the point of even researching any issues new to her and reaching out to people who might help her understand your history better. She will spend time discussing your goals and documenting how they might change over time and continuously tailors her offerings to address them. She is business savvy and leverages many platforms (social media, blogs, traditional media and more) to improve her reach and connections to expand what she can offer her clients. She is conscientious, smart, supportive, ethical and just a true pleasure to be around!”


Denise Bossing
Director of Accounting at NORC at the University of Chicago

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