21 Days to Independence eliminates the mystery behind how to leave your job as an employee personal trainer for a rewarding career as an independent self-employed professional. In just 21 days we put you ahead of the game with an organized proven process for a successful transition, done for you materials, interviews with industry experts and the answers you need and make the business side easy! Enjoy you’re real passion: sharing your love of fitness! Take advantage of the work we have done for you. Sign up today and save yourself weeks and months of time and energy wasted learning these steps the hard way.

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What you need:

  • Tablet or Laptop/Personal Computer
  • Valid personal training certification
  • Suggested: 6 months of experience minimum as an employee personal trainer


Purchase 21 Days to Independence here to enjoy our private online course. A different, powerful tool is delivered to you everyday. 21 DI takes you through all the necessary steps to successfully become a gainfully employed, independent personal trainer. Every step builds on the previous and you are given access to these materials for as long as you need them. And as with both of our courses, you are always welcome to revisit prior steps at any point during your enrollment.



• “How To” Welcome Video
• Welcome to 21 Days to Independence “Before” Survey
• “We’re in this Together” Orientation PDF Checklist
• Your Notebook

Day One
Audio Why Meditation and Worksheet
Day Two
Isn’t It Ironic: Leading from a Place of Strength: What You’re Doing and Why Worksheet
Day Three
Half the Battle Worksheet: Game Changing Goal Setting
Day Four
The Power of Savings Inspiration Video and Super Simple Budget Basics Worksheet
Day Five
Needs V Wants: Shopping List for Starting out Right
Day Six
Non-Solicit / No Compete: Attorney Expert Interview and Explanation Video
Day Seven
Good Good-Bye to Everyone: Explanation and “Done For You” Email…

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