Continuing Education for Personal Trainers

Fill These 3 Gaps and Master Your Business Do you remember learning about the revolution of hand washing in history class? Doctors had finally dismissed the idea that evil spirits caused illness and based more of their care decisions on scientific research. After much trial and error, in 1846, a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis […]

Personal Trainer Earnings

“Margins, Margins, Margins!” You’re not earning what you think you’re earning. Have you seen, A Christmas Story? If not: mid-movie, there is a dream sequence by the main character, an eleven year-old boy named Ralphie. His teacher sits, red pen in hand, angrily marking up disappointing writing assignments shouting “Margins, margins, margins!” Arriving at Ralphie’s […]

Learning More Than You Planned: Take the drudgery out of continuing education

  Do you drag yourself to your continuing education units with the enthusiasm of an early-morning teenager? I now enjoy in-person learning events, but that wasn’t always the case. As I write this, some fellow trainers are experiencing a recertifying year. Many of us are hustling to fulfill those units before the clock runs out — […]

Do You Deliver or Disappoint? Tough Love in the Small Group Training Trend

Group training is everywhere. And if it’s not where you are, it soon will be. In theory, it is a clear win-win-win scenario. Clients pay less, trainers earn more and every one still gets great results. However, like communism and parenting, theory is different than application. I’m concerned that we are enticed by the dollars […]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Three reasons why niche could be your perfect match

I love the niche. Love it. So much so that I have whittled my ideal client profile and training style down to a very small demographic. Some say this is foolish: “You’re limiting your potential client list.” “You’re not playing the odds.” “You’re going to miss out on potential revenue.” I smile at this feedback, […]