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Testimonials Acquired

Acquiring great testimonials can be intimidating and easy to procrastinate. Asking clients to honestly weigh in on your service and post it to the digital world is a slightly vulnerable undertaking. Our advice? Honor those feelings and bravely take action anyway with this amazing course. The impact to your business is extraordinary!

Who is this for?

Personal Trainers

This testimonial course is for studio owners, studio teams, and independent trainers that understand the importance of capitalizing on third party website power to create an impressive online reputation.

Boxer shoes training and jumping working on referral marketing for personal trainers
Girl doing weights on a gym bench working towards referral marketing for personal trainers

What does this course do?

Testimonials Acquired is a course that delivers! Travel through our online experience to avoid common pitfalls and successfully acquire powerful endorsements. This is a smart, organic, fun and re-usable marketing effort that reminds you of your worth and delivers very real, visible positive reviews.


Average online third party testimonials per trainer after completion

Studios can extrapolate results to multiple team members. This course is repeatable, and thus offers exponential long-term benefits in addition to the initial results.

What’s included?

Examine the power of what you are about to undertake with a clear discussion on the benefits of acquiring these valuable endorsements. Enjoy the Welcome Video, Master Checklist, Orientation, Before Survey and Gift Ideas links and explanation.

DFY (Done For You) email and script for asking people to organically sing your praises on third-party sites. We guide you through how to confidently and succinctly ask for these valuable endorsements so that others easily find you and benefit from your practice.

Life is busy. Learn how to extend those needed, gentle, tactful, reminders to ensure you receive your testimonials from everyone. DFY copy and tips await.

Ensure appreciation arrives into the hands of those awesome clients who have delivered testimonials by taking advantage of our pre-written thank yous and ways to make it fun!

Enjoy this brilliant way to applaud yourself for your effort and effectiveness. We’ve said thanks. Now it’s time to celebrate your week well-done.

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