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Testimonials Acquired

Discover the secret system to acquiring compelling testimonials. Giving your satisfied clients the microphone is game changing for your business. In this course, we walk through a magical, low-cost, low effort, high-impact method for praising your work without tooting your own horn.

Who is this for?

Personal Trainers

This Testimonials Acquired course is for studio owners, studio teams, and independent trainers that want and abundance of impressive online written and video testimonials.

What does this course do?

Testimonials Acquired (TA) is a course that delivers! Travel through your online experience to obtain powerful endorsements from your satisfied clients. (While avoiding all too common errors!) And best of all it is a re-usable, systemized tool that can serve you (and your team) over and over.


Average online third party testimonials per trainer after completion

Studios can extrapolate results to multiple team members.

What’s included?

Educate, motivate, empower yourself (and your team) on how best to capitalize and
obtain these game-changing testimonials. Enjoy the Welcome Video, Master Checklist,
Orientation, Before Survey and Gift Ideas links and explanation.

DFY (Done for You) email and script for asking people to organically sing your praises
on third-party sites. We guide you through how to confidently and succinctly ask for
these valuable endorsements so that others easily find you and benefit from your

We have taken the pain out of what to do next and crafted am email you can easily use
to ensure clients help you get the word out to the massive online audience with gentle,
tactful, “bring it home” reminders.

Life is busy. Many of us need gentle, tactful, helpful reminders. Use this DFY email
reminder to your remaining clients to help them help you, encourage them to fulfill
their promise.

Send our DFY email thank you and note delivery to ensure appreciation arrives into the
hands of those awesome clients who have delivered endorsements and testimonials!

Reflect upon these amazing compliments. You’ve earned it! And, then learn how to
repurpose this online course for exponential benefits!

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