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Nine-Week Turnaround

Shake off what brings you down and fall in love with your personal training business again. Our nine-week course takes you to a more rewarding, systemized and lucrative place with your training business, one proven step at a time.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association approved 2.0 CEU(s) in category D for certified individuals who successfully complete our Nine-Week Turnaround course.

Who is this for?

Personal Trainers

The Nine-Week Turnaround (NWT) course is perfect for any personal training studio or independent trainer needing help with their small business, has an interest in significantly increasing their income (while spending less time at the gym) and of course, a clear mission to improve their clients’ experience with proven, done for you (DFY) tools.

What does this course do?

The Nine-Week Turnaround online course annihilates your most frustrating fitness business challenges. Each week we walk you through proven, vital changes that you and your business need to soar. 

Our program allows you to work on your business instead of just in it. It is packed with “done for you” materials, proven business procedures, videos, interviews, meditations, audio, transcripts and worksheets and over 15 years of fitness business success. And if that wasn’t enough, our NWT course includes our comprehensive client assessment and reassessment system for your fitness business.

18 – 143%

Recurring revenue increases after completion

35 days

Return on Investment


 Fewer working hours while increasing revenue


 Profit margin increase


What’s included?

A window devoted just to you – understand where you are at and what you need. Time to learn how this process will work, the ins and outs of navigating your product and how to get the most out of it.

Be safe.

Be safe, supported, protected, secure – we’ll go through certifications, insurance, back ups, community and your safety.

Be valued.

Integral discussion on money and value – this will completely change your business and mindset exponentially for the better, legal obligations, legal entities, understanding of personal and business banking and the power of savings will be discussed.

Be smart.

Put on your sunglasses and trench coat, this week we’re going undercover, understand where personal training is in the price point spectrum, the problem with free, how to research your competition, what your clients expect from you, how to fly past competitors, and the power of what we do.

Be fresh.

The importance and how to of branding for your company and your self.  Complete with a very enjoyable personal exercise. Learn the priceless habit of boundaries and downtime.

Be heard.

Priceless communication advice, how to talk about the changes that are coming and your financial/time objectives with everyone involved.

Be accurate.

Evaluate your current system (or lack there of) and hold our hand through a thorough explanation of details of The System that will allow you to charge more, keep everyone safer and alleviate a significant portion of your business stress.

Be ready.

Learn the tricks and tips to implementing The System by practicing on the right people and setting yourself up for success.

Be a leader.

Implement your new systems, impress clients, feel the power of a better, easier way. You and your clients will start enjoying your brilliant new billing and assessment system.

Be proud.

Take stock of what you have done, enjoy 10 Done For You social media posts tied to all of your hard work thus far and experience a powerful meditation that will allow you to tap into understanding what more you can accomplish.

Are you ready to soar to new business heights?

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