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Referral Marketing

Acquiring new clients and filling your community with wonderful people through referrals is a brilliant idea. However, it is a task often neglected. This course will change that for you. Let’s walk through a low-cost, low-effort, high-impact method for acquiring new, high-quality clients. It will boost your bottom line and foster an even better sense of community within your business!

Who is this for?

Personal Trainers

This referral marketing course for personal trainers is for the studio owner, studio team, or independent trainer that understands the importance of finding ideal clients to fill their book, improve their bottom line and organically grow their tribe.

Boxer shoes training and jumping working on referral marketing for personal trainers
Girl doing weights on a gym bench working towards referral marketing for personal trainers

What does this course do?

Referral Marketing gives you the blueprint to easily acquire more model clients! Travel through our online experience to acquire ideal leads from your existing network while avoiding common misconceptions about the process. This is a powerful, efficient, re-usable marketing effort that fills your book and funnels the best people to your door.


in revenue annually in the 3 average high-quality client referrals delivered per trainer

Studios can extrapolate results to multiple team members. This course is repeatable, and thus offers exponential long-term benefits in addition to the initial results.

What’s included?

Examine the power of what you are about to undertake with a clear discussion on the benefits of acquiring excellent referrals. Enjoy the Welcome Video, Master Checklist, Orientation, Before Survey and Gift Ideas links and explanation.

In order to acquire more of the clients we love, we must recognize how they came to us and how great that makes us feel as small businesses. It is our goal, after all, to obtain more ideal clients, not just more clients. Today’s exercises are easy. The resulting insights are empowering.

Done for you (DFY) copy you can seamlessly tweak to quickly fire off to your network. We also include a script, guidelines and reasoning on effectively asking for these referrals live. We wrap by explaining exactly how to properly follow up to ensure you welcome these leads into your business as happy, paying customers.

We have taken the pain out of what to do next and crafted copy you can easily use to ensure clients share their precious network with gentle, tactful, “bring it home” reminders.

Ensure appreciation arrives into the hands of those awesome clients who have delivered referrals. This course finale will leave you with feel-good vibrations and your clients enjoying awesome thank you gifts.

Indulge in this simple, brilliant way to applaud yourself for your effort and effectiveness. We’ve said thanks to our excellent clients. Now, it’s time to honor your wise work with reflection and celebration!

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