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Mettle is our one year commitment to dynamically back your studio and career aspirations with weekly coaching calls and flexible, tailored support. Your dedicated one on one calls recur each week on a day and time reserved solely for you.

Who is Mettle for?

Personal Trainers

Business owners that are not f#@!ing around anymore. If you are “in it to win it” this is the coaching program for you. As a Mettle client, you have a special projects, particular problems and aggressive aspirations that benefit from our years of experience. Our commitment to help you achieve your vision as sustainably and quickly as possible is unwavering. You will be supported, challenged, uplifted, held accountable and surprised by what you achieve in our Mettle program.

How does Mettle work?

Clients are welcomed into the Mettle Coaching program with a comprehensive intake process. We log goals in 5 different categories for 3 to 60 month intervals to ensure all efforts are in line with your vision for your life and your company. We honor your existing structure and address your most pressing business needs. The transition to working more ON the business rather than primarily, IN it begins. Calls and meetings are conducted utilizing a private Google Drive folder with real time meeting minutes and an accurate, confidential log of all concerns and solutions. Clear action steps and deadlines are set for both parties and Mettle clients are given access to tools and years of SJJT materials as needs arise. This is our most decisive and invigorating method for making business dreams a reality.

Past students have seen results like:


in revenue in one day.


increase in revenue with a 30% reduction in hours spent working.


closing ratio improvement and duration improved by one week.

“Master Trainer”

Elevated employee corporate title to “Master Trainer” within one month of Mettle.


Are you ready to soar to new business heights?

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