Best Marketing Tips for Fitness Professionals

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Our phenomenal See Jake and Jane Train Marketing Director, Regina Verdico and owner of Collective Conscious Marketing, shares outstanding marketing tips specific to your fitness business! Enjoy and implement!

5 Best Marketing Tips:

  • Be an expert (not a know it all) and become an authority in your niche. People tend to be attracted to and join real, relatable people who have a clear direction, know what they are doing and where they are going. The best way to achieve this is to share your personal story, your experiences and your knowledge. Share fitness tips, recipes, weight loss success stories, pictures of you living the healthy lifestyle and even setbacks and bloopers to keep it real.

  • Build genuine connections. These connections are your bread and butter to having a super strong, clear, and authentic personal brand. We don’t have relationships with products, logos, or letterheads, but we do with people. Build and connect with your list to foster these strong relationships.

  • Be consistent in your message, content and adding value. It is a necessity to be intentional, consistent, constant, clear, and add value (aka, strategic.), and to do this with your authentic voice. People follow thought leaders who are inspirational and influential. Provide content that is factual, tugs on our emotions and make that heart connection with your audience. Purchase is driven by emotion. Stimulate an overall feeling in your audience through your message and see more results.

  • Create a content marketing strategy. Your content marketing strategy is your why and who you are helping with your expertise. It’s a tool to keep your content focused and consistent so you can build trust with your prospects. It’s valuable to include simple offers and giveaways to your ideal audience. You might include a video series, pdf worksheets, or a reward. This simple action keeps clients engaged and provides them with a sense that they are receiving value from your content, not just reading it.

In a recent blog on accounting and bookkeeping, we highlighted a worksheet from a module in our 21 Days to Independence that is only available as a participant in See Jake and Jane Train’s program. We offered a taste to wet the palette and create an appetite for further investment and we are building trust with our audience with a sample of the content.

  • Know your target audience. Defining this audience is a business best practice. Think about who you want to serve and connect with in your business offerings. Determine the values, lifestyle and who will engage with your product. What does your target audience want from your product or service?  Do not try appeal to everyone. Let your passion and mission in your business define who will most connect with in your health and wellness services.

Let us know if this helped you by dropping a comment below! Thanks!

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