Personal Trainer Earnings

“Margins, Margins, Margins!” You’re not earning what you think you’re earning. Have you seen, A Christmas Story? If not: mid-movie, there is a dream sequence by the main character, an eleven year-old boy named Ralphie. His teacher sits, red pen in hand, angrily marking up disappointing writing assignments shouting “Margins, margins, margins!” Arriving at Ralphie’s […]

Do You Deliver or Disappoint? Tough Love in the Small Group Training Trend

Group training is everywhere. And if it’s not where you are, it soon will be. In theory, it is a clear win-win-win scenario. Clients pay less, trainers earn more and every one still gets great results. However, like communism and parenting, theory is different than application. I’m concerned that we are enticed by the dollars […]

The Big and Small of It: How to break away from the trainer pack

In what ways can you rise above the average trainer in the coming year? Here are two: the macro and the micro. First, the macro. Learn your employer’s big-picture mission and 12-month focus. Knowing where the company is headed can help you exceed expectations. Is the organization about to purchase a new line of equipment? […]

Paralysis by Analysis (it’s not just our athletes that struggle)

Paralysis by analysis is recognized as the state of over thinking a situation so that action is never taken, in effect, paralyzing the athlete. But it’s not just athletes, all of us have experienced this kind of struggle. The typical trend in my SJJT clients is a state of inaction rationalized by the story we’ve written, causing fear […]