The Big and Small of It: How to break away from the trainer pack

In what ways can you rise above the average trainer in the coming year? Here are two: the macro and the micro. First, the macro. Learn your employer’s big-picture mission and 12-month focus. Knowing where the company is headed can help you exceed expectations. Is the organization about to purchase a new line of equipment? […]

Revenue, Retention and Referrals PowerPoint for NSCA Great Lakes Regional Conference

Revenue, Retention and Referrals! Enjoy our powerpoint presentation from the NSCA Great Lakes Regional Conference 2018 here… NSCA 2018 Michelle Blakely REVENUE RETENTION AND REFERRALS for attendees version Description: After hundreds of interviews, three of the toughest pain points for personal trainers and training studios have been identified. Let’s unlock the solutions, increase our annual income, improve the […]