Learning More Than You Planned: Take the drudgery out of continuing education

Do you drag yourself to your continuing education units with the enthusiasm of an early-morning teenager? I now enjoy in-person learning events, but that wasn’t always the case. As I write this, some fellow trainers are experiencing a recertifying year. Many of us are hustling to fulfill those units before the clock runs out — or […]

Get Your Mind Right

“Get your mind right.” Usually placed near the end of a workout, during an exercise I despise, this comment is one of my personal trainer’s favorites. It’s unclear to me exactly what he wants me to think of in that moment, but it personally elicits the exact response I need. I stop thinking about how […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Some trainers complain about how clients treat them: frequent cancellations, late payments, poor attitude during sessions, tardiness and inappropriate behavior. The solution lies in taking the focus off the clients. And although it can be tricky, evaluate how you are teaching them to treat you. First, let’s see what the clients see: Arriving late? The […]