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Michelle:        So I’m of course elated that you took the course and thrilled to have you as a client. I really appreciate you doing the testimonial. Would you mind sharing whether or not you would recommend the Nine Week Turn Around Course to another trainer, another personal trainer?

Lauren:         I would definitely recommend the course. It was put together that it flowed super easy to follow and had tons of great tips and a great structure to it where I felt like you could start at the beginning or you could start at the middle but there was a lot of information and I keep continuing to kind of go back to that information. For me who’s been in business for eight or nine years now, some of it just kind of reaffirms that I was doing the right things with my clients. I was making the right steps but also added in some other things that you know you kind of forget about here and there. So definitely recommend it, definitely if you need like a little spark in your business too or even if you’ve been in the industry for a while was really helpful to me.

Michelle:        Great. Wonderful. Perfect. How does this course improve either your career or your sense of burnout or bringing things to the next level for what you wanted for yourself as an independent trainer?

Lauren:         I think, for me, having the evaluation or the reevaluation tools and some of the contracts etcetera that were included in the course is really helpful because that stuff I personally don’t want to write or put together on my own so that’s nice, laid out, super easy so it makes reassessing much less of a daunting task and also it creates a visual for my clients to kind of see too when they see their numbers line up against the results from the past. And then I think as far as movement in the career it did give me a little more confidence to do some things I’ve been thinking about for a while, namely raising my prices, kind of tightening my schedule a little bit more and making my business a little bit more about my time and kind of making that a little bit more efficient for me.

Michelle:        That’s wonderful. That’s great. In terms of, you know you mentioned income, in terms of income and you know you just kind of finished up the course you haven’t been away from it very long. What would your comments be on the investment in the course and what it can do to increase your income and give you that return on your investment?

Lauren:         I feel a lot more comfortable charging a higher rate. Just from the get-go when you’re meeting a client the information you presenting from the beginning is really professional. I think people look at that and think wow this is a really a great start. This is going to be a really great service. So they see value there, even before you start training them.

And as far as return on investment, you know, I just recently raised my rates on all my clients so the course kind of paid for itself within the first month, so, and this, doing the course kind of give me the push to make that step. I don’t know if I would’ve done that, put it off for a few more months or mulled over the decision or not, but this definitely helped kind of jump start that. So, definitely worth the price.

Michelle:        Wonderful. And then have you noticed any benefits to your clients from you taking the course? So do you feel that you’re now providing more valuable service, both either from the reassessment component or from communicating more clearly with them or from them feeling proud that they’re working with such an outstanding professional? Is there that trickle-down effect what it’s done for them?

Lauren:         There definitely is some parts of the program that talked about professionalism and creating a little bit more value in your sessions and stuff and that really spoke to me. Things that I’ve done or done at different parts my career, but I felt like it kind of got me back on the horse where you’re, like, okay I need to step up my game. And then other things like adding more services, and that was a big one for me because I’m a health coach as well, and so it kind of helped me put together some different programs that I want to offer with that. And then I started writing a newsletter and just kind of getting you your focus back on like your business, how to grow it beyond just like training people and what – how you want to expand I guess.

Michelle:        Yeah. That’s great. And then your clients, do you feel that they benefit from all of these changes and great things that you’re doing, that that’s value add to what you offer, would you say?

Lauren:         Yeah. Definitely. And I think for me it was just another kick in the butt, like, okay, get – know people’s goals and get to know them even a little bit deeper, because everyone is different and I do train people as individuals and so I think that was the biggest thing is like finding other ways to kind of dig into that what motivates them, what’s going to keep them on track, what their goals are and get really specific about that. So I spend some time kind of talking one-on-one with people a little bit more in depth about that and so some tweaks in my program as well just to like really hone in on what works in time and kind of train the way they need to be trained.

Michelle:        Yeah. Which is part of what makes you such an outstanding trainer.

Lauren:         Thank you.

Michelle:        Yeah. You’re welcome. Thank you. This has been a wonderful, wonderful. If you want to give a little wave and smile I will use it. Good.

Lauren:         All right.

Michelle:        That was perfect.


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