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795A4695I’m so excited. So many of you have been so kind in helping spread the word about our mission to help trainers and studios succeed, we wanted to institute a policy of gratitude! Welcome the See Jake and Jane Train Personal Training Referral Program!

As a trusted contact, we would be honored if you took part. Referring us to any personal training friends or personal training studio owners is an easy win-win-win for everyone.

Here’s how:

  1. Extend a virtual introduction between any personal trainers or studio owners and Michelle Blakely, See Jake and Jane Train owner.
  2. See Jake and Jane Train reaches out to connect.
  3. Contact purchases the Nine Week Turnaround. (What’s the Nine Week Turnaround? Our online course on the business side of training. It’s awesome.)
  4. We send you a thank you check for $200.
  5. Repeat and receive a multiple checks. We are honored and grateful to have your endorsement.

There is no limit to the number of referral program gifts you may receive! First few checks have already been sent!

Here is a sample email to help introduce others to our personal training programs… (Taken from an actual referral! Thanks, Sam!)

“Hi John and Michelle,

John, I want to introduce you to a mentor of mine, Michelle Blakely, who has been a wonderful resource of mine for all things personal training! Michelle has a recently launched program that works with independent trainers, but also studios, in propelling their business forward efficiently, so I thought of you and your role with personal training and the new studio.

Michelle, John and I met through run coaching with Endurance Sports. He runs an awesome and active blog and is a personal trainer as well.

Without sounding too excited, I just feel your energies will mash up well. I’ll let you two take it from here!”

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