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How do you get more client referrals?

Spreading the word about your valuable services and excellent personal training is important, powerful and let’s be honest VERY time-consuming. Marketing is a beast most of us don’t tackle as proactively as we should. And, it’s understandable. Let’s walk through these two low-cost, low effort, high-impact methods for acquiring new, high-quality clients. Referral Marketing will boost your bottom line and foster an even better sense of community within your business! This course is a no-brainer and a brilliant, easy investment for obtaining more ideal clients.


• Ten simple powerful days of done for you materials
       ◦ Proven copy for obtaining and thanking quality testimonials and referrals
       ◦ Clear timeline of when to do what without having to think it through
       ◦ Proven structure for launching an effective referral program
• Thank you gift ideas perfect for your fitness business and brand
• Social media fodder done the right way
• Tool for defining your ideal client and how to attract more of them

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