Small Business Owners Celebrating Independence

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I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I reflect on this celebration of independence, freedom and all things great and worthwhile about our country. There are great divides and dilemmas facing us as a nation but that does not mean we can’t solve them by exercising our right to assemble, support ourselves and one another, especially the less fortunate. Let’s take time to appreciate that power and what is beautiful about this nation. The positive elements of who we are as a nation do not diminish when shared, much like a candle does not lose it’s flame as it sparks another wick.

I am a woman, mother, colleague and small business owner. As imperfect as our country may be, being a U.S. citizen has afforded me the opportunity to build two businesses of my own accord providing a valuable service for professional women and now, fellow independent practitioners and small business owners (a terribly important piece of our economic growth and social mobility as a country).

NONE of it would be possible without the readership, social media support and patronage of you, my clients, readers and colleagues. My utmost thanks for your support, feedback and trust. You are the greatest!

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday together and a moment of reflection for the freedom and independence we each have the honor of embracing. Happy Independence Day!

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