My top three tips for your first press interview

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Honored to be interviewed alongside prestigious colleagues for a recent Reader’s Digest article


My top three tips for your first press interview:

1. Reply immediately. Often journalists are under very tight deadlines. They are going to find you, ask for your willingness to be interviewed and then, need to schedule your phone call interview as soon as humanly possible. They have reached out to many trainers in their hunt for a quality source. First come, first served. Reply immediately and list your specific availability and best return call phone number.

2. Stand in their shoes. Do your best to find out exactly what the article is about and what kind of information they need from you. Take a little time to think through your unique opinion. I highly recommend making notes to have with you on the call.

3. Speak in sound bites. I know you and I love this stuff and could speak ad nauseam on the intricacies of strength training or healthy living habits or exercise myths. However, the journalist is most likely writing a very short article. Your contribution needs to be concise and helpful. Be honest and accurate but also consider being effective through the power of brevity.

Good Luck. Let me know if these helped!

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